Providing Timely Feedback

As 2014 gets into full swing and the realities of the upcoming year are upon us, we encourage you to take a few minutes to think about a frequently overlooked area of Human Resources, the performance review. 

Through our teaching and research initiatives, we have found that hospitality companies, especially those that employ part-time and seasonal workers, fail to provide appropriate work-related feedback on a consistent basis, if at all.

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Guest Blog #1: T. Trent Dang Discusses the Merging of Industry and Academic Goals

During my fifteen years in the gaming industry, I’ve also had the pleasure of being an adjunct instructor at two fine universities for about half that time. Being in this somewhat unique position, I’ve often thought of how both sides can assist each other with their endeavors so when Dr. Thomas asked if I would like to write a guest article, I thought what a great venue to put some of these thoughts down on “paper.”

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No Mentor? Seek Career Advice from Faculty

Frequently students who are seeking guidance approach us.   Many of the issues are not specific to a class they are taking, but relate to their own careers in the service industry. These questions can range from guidance on where to look for a job and how to format a resume, to more complex issues such as what is the appropriate career path and how to handle tough interview scenarios.  

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