Development and Implementation of a Collegiate Hospitality Mentorship Program

Academic literature has shown that the mentor-mentee relationship has many benefits for both parties. Presently, a formalized hospitality student and industry mentorship program does not exist at our university. Through this project, we plan to develop and implement a mentorship program for collegiate hospitality management students. This mentorship program will provide undergraduate students with better insight into their course selection, internship, and full-time job search. It will also ease their transition from college into industry upon graduation. The deliverables of this project include collateral that may be used by other hospitality academic faculty and students in the development and implementation of formalized mentorship programs. 

Social Media and its Impact on HR-related Decision Making

The research project will examine the use of social media by employers in making employment decisions about existing employees, and determine whether social media policies have been developed that can be consistently applied and meet the needs of employers to manage their employees. 

An Analysis of Supervisors’ Gender and Subordinate Employees’ Turnover within the Casino-Entertainment Industry

Could the gender of a supervisor have an impact on turnover in a hospitality organization?  This research adds to the limited industry literature on the topic, with a specific focus on the casino-entertainment industry of Nevada.

Competencies Training in Lodging Industry Management Programs and Their Impact on Turnover

Management Training Programs (MTP's) offer organizations a way to quickly, and efficiency, train and develop their staff to succeed in a variety of operational environments.  What impact, if any, do these programs have on turnover and turnover intention?  This ongoing research expands on this question with a specific focus on the US lodging industry.

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