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Advanced Hospitality Human Resource Management

Emphasis on development of management personnel in hospitality organizations. 

Ethics for the Hospitality Industry

Undergraduate course designed to increase knowledge and awareness of the ethical considerations within the hospitality industry. This course explores the myriad of ethics issues that are present with today’s global workforce and customer. 

Hospitality Services & Experience Management

Undergraduate level course that focused on the he concepts of service, service delivery, and service recovery, including the full range from limited service through deluxe, and the intentional decisions of management about what and how much service to offer. 

Human Resources Management in the Hospitality Industry 

Undergraduate course that gives an overview of human resources within the hospitality industry.  Specific attention is placed on recruitment, selection, compensation, training and development, and performance appraisals. 

Human Resources and Behavior in the Hospitality Industry 

Graduate course that examines human resource management through readings, cases, and applied research with attention to strategic human resources alliances and developing trends. 

Human Resources Development in Hospitality Organizations

Graduate course on theories of human resources management. Practices and principles related to development of management personnel.

Leadership Experiences and Development

Undergraduate introduction to leadership behaviors. Development and utilization of leadership behaviors to positively impact school life, community life, and work life. 

Management of Hospitality Service Delivery Systems

Undergraduate level course that focuses on evaluation, design, and management of service delivery systems through operations management. Additionally, the course looked at the related topics of customer satisfaction and managing organizational change. 

Managing With Hospitality Unions

Undergraduate course that focuses on labor relations and collective bargaining relative to the hospitality industry with emphasis on the approaches used by unions to organize as well as the methods used by management to combat organization. 

Organizational Behavior Applied to the Services Industry

Undergraduate course that focuses on developing management skills through the study and application of theories related to the topics of human behavior, particularly in service organizations. 

Principles of Management in Human Sciences

Undergraduate introduction to management concepts and principles with application to human sciences-related businesses and organizations. Includes service quality management, professionalism, and social responsibility.

Service Sector Management

Undergraduate course that focused on the challenges present in the management of service organizations. Topics included the service economy, service concept, service delivery systems, staffing delivery systems, capacity management, and quality control. 

Working with Diversity

Undergraduate course created to improve understanding and ability to effectively manage a diverse workforce. Dimensions of diversity are presented and discussed from historical, psychological, and sociological perspectives.