Internal Customer LLC was founded in 2014 by Dr's Eric Brown & Nicholas Thomas. It was designed as a platform to bridge the gap between industry and academia through consulting, research, and other applicable opportunities. A brief biography for Dr. Brown and Dr. Thomas is found below. 

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Nicholas J. Thomas, Ph.D.

Dr. Nicholas Thomas is a long-time hospitality scholar. He earned a Doctorate of Philosophy in Hospitality Administration, Master in Hospitality Administration, and Bachelor of Science in Hotel Administration from the William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He has taught a variety of courses at UNLV's main (Las Vegas) and Singapore campuses. As a Assistant Professor, Dr. Thomas currently teaches courses related to service management, hospitality, and technology at DePaul University. He actively conducts research in the areas of human resources, the casino-entertainment industry, as well as hospitality education.


Eric A. Brown, Ph.D.

After leaving industry, Dr. Eric Brown has been teaching in hospitality for nearly a decade. Dr. Brown holds a B.B.A. from University of Iowa in Management & Organization, a M.S. in Food Service & Lodging from Iowa State University, and a Ph.D. in Hospitality Management from Iowa State University. During his graduate studies, and now as an Associate Professor, he has researched a wide-variety of topics related to human resources within the hospitality industry. Dr. Brown has a strong background in quantitative methodology including earning a statistics minor with his doctoral work, and has used a range of statistical methods in current research endeavors. Dr. Brown earned a Teaching Excellence award while teaching as a graduate student and continues to emphasize the importance of providing a quality education to his students. Dr. Brown teaches courses in leadership, management, and human resources.